Legal Information - Safety

We wish we could create a page simply saying that "it's on the Internet forever" and have people realize the safety issues at hand, however we all know that is impossible. Therefore, we must go into great detail about safety on the Internet and NINA, because God knows someone will do something completely asinine and blame us for it.

Guess what? The Internet is public
That's right, posting your phone number to your blog or a forum does not guarantee that only your friends will see it. Sure, we have the ability to make posts and your entire profile, blog, etc friends or family only, but that won't stop most people from making public posts concerning their private contact information or other things they do not want to be public.
Everyone on Earth can read your profile, blog, and so forth.
Just like the above, many people are surprised to find that when they post something to a public blog or forum, or on their public profile, anyone on the entire planet Earth, nearly 8 billion people, have the potential to read that information -- end of story. That is not just on NINA, that goes for the entire Internet.
People don't know you, and you don't know them
To clarify, if you keep all your information private, nobody will know who you are. The same goes the other way, just because someone says they are someone, or of a specific gender, does not make it true.
Harassment is against the law
It really is, especially in more liberal countries. Therefore it should be reported.
Children under 13 are not allowed on NINA
We're dead serious about that. It does not mean they can lie when they join, and later admit they are under 13. If such an account is found, it should be reported.