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  1. tonyshowoff

    Finally, Lana del Rey joins Escargot

    Finally, Lana del Rey joins Escargot
  2. tonyshowoff

    NINA Forums What is your favorite deodorant?

    Anything that is strong enough for a man, but pH balanced for a woman.
  3. tonyshowoff

    NINA Forums What forum software does this use

    It started off as MyBB but then I've modified it a lot, primarily back end things, some for later use involving services we'll be launching.
  4. tonyshowoff

    NINA Forums Windows XP source code leak

    It took nearly a day and a half for main stream tech news to pick this up at all, of course as soon as one did, they all copied each other... fitting for a source code leak I guess. Anyway, as I expected and mentioned on the Discord, just like with the Windows 2000/NT4 leak back in 2004, weird...
  5. tonyshowoff

    NINA Forums fav linux distro

    Does FreeBSD count? Just kidding, it doesn't, because it's better. ;-) Anyway, over the last 25 years I've used a lot of different distros, I'd say the beta for Stormix was pretty cool, though that never went anywhere, but I mostly used Slackware or SuSe (for my laptop, due to sound card).
  6. tonyshowoff

    NINA Forums What audio player do you guys use?

    Winamp, and it really kicks the llama's ass.
  7. tonyshowoff

    NINA Forums fav linux de?

    Openbox (formerly Blackbox)
  8. tonyshowoff

    Escargot Forums, NINA Forums So NINA will support Yahoo?

    It's in roughly that order, the further it goes along things may change, but the first few are probably the exact correct order of things.
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    NINA Forums Websites, Files, and Dumps!

    Yes, indeed! You can also find further information on what's needed on the wiki:
  10. tonyshowoff

    NINA Forums Your Opinion

    Most anything in the AIM 4.x series, though 5.0 is OK, things get crazy after that. I used ICQ98 a whole lot so I have some nostalgia for it, but it's not super practical.
  11. tonyshowoff

    Escargot Forums, NINA Forums So NINA will support Yahoo?

    Yes, so long as enough information can be gathered. There's plenty of time though, it goes: + AIM and ICQ + AOL + IRC + XMPP + Old ICQ + MSN + Yahoo