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  1. bobsmith

    NINA Forums My formal apology

    This is a formal apology to the entire classic IM community as far as this message reaches, I have wronged many of you and probably spurred drama, and for that I am extremely sorry for any insults/damage I've done or helped with, I was going through a hard time with family issues and general...
  2. bobsmith

    NINA Forums favorite fps game?

    mine is team fortress 2
  3. bobsmith

    NINA Forums been a while

  4. bobsmith

    NINA Forums What audio player do you guys use?

    I use WACUP, its pretty kickass.
  5. bobsmith

    NINA Forums Your Opinion

    Yahoo! Messenger 6 through 8, never used them but they look awesome, I also like AIM 5, and the design of 7 looks interesting.
  6. bobsmith

    NINA Forums I am Jeff Bezos.

    Now that is just unnecessary!
  7. bobsmith

    NINA Forums I am Jeff Bezos.

    Of course I am!
  8. bobsmith

    Escargot Forums, NINA Forums So NINA will support Yahoo?

    This seems interesting.
  9. bobsmith

    NINA Forums I am Jeff Bezos.

    Definitely not massive tax fraud