Terms and rules

These are rules you must follow if you want to post on the forum or chat on the Escargot and NINA Discord. If you don't want to follow them, you are not welcome here.

  • A.1 - Keep foul language to a minimum, it happens, but let's try to be civil.
  • A.2 - NSFW content is not allowed and will get you banned. This includes foul/suggestive language sexual in nature, regardless of how it falls into rule A.1.
  • A.3 - No discussion about drug use or alcohol abuse, nor holidays or festivals centred around those things. Trying to use cloaked language that you think nobody else understands will only get you banned for trying to get around the rules.
  • A.4 - No drama of any kind, we want this to be a peaceful and respectful place and that won't be tolerated.
  • A.5 - Always remember: this is not a town square or your own personal playground.
  • A.6 - Don't start politics-heavy discussions/wars, this is not a place for that and it won't be accepted, sometimes it comes up, and if you can be civil and friendly, then it probably won't be a big deal.
  • A.7 - Don't send personal information of users if they're not okay with that.
  • A.8 - Be prepared for a mod to tell you to knock it off or shut up if you become a pain.
  • A.9 - Be respectful of other people and be polite.
  • A.10 - Do not impersonate mods, either by claim or by similar or exact username.
  • A.11 - Do not use special usernames like everyone, here, channel names, or other misleading names which are meant to trick users.
  • A.12 - Saying a thread or channel is "dead" or similar, or saying "ok" or similar with no context or reason, including Rick Rolls or similar, rather than contribute anything of substance can get you a warning, or if you persist or are especially irritating, can result in a ban.
  • A.13 - You must be at least 13 years old. It is both a requirement of the Discord ToS and ours. If you are under 13 year of age or even make jokes about being under 13, we will ban you.
  • A.14 - Don't send or post any sort of malicious links or files for any reason.

Additional rules for Escargot and NINA Discord and/or IRC:

  • D.1 - Always read a channel topic before chatting and keep channels on topic, only use #general for discussion that does not fit elsewhere.
  • D.2 - Spam/Flood is not allowed and will result in a kick. If continued after the kick you will be banned.
  • D.3 - Do your best to keep channels on topic. Accidents happen, but be sure to move off topic discussions to their appropriate channels.
  • D.4 - Please keep bot commands only to #bot-commands - if continued after warned you will be kicked. Only exceptions right now are .tr and .ocrtr for translating messages in order to communicate only.
  • D.5 - Do not DM staff with support questions, only ask in #support
  • D.6 - Post random memes not related to any conversation to #memes. Memes must be work safe and not violate any rules which would also apply to text-based conversation. No duplicates (unless accidental), abuse will lead to ban. Do not post memes in other channels unless explicitly applicable or potentially hilarious... bad sense of humour may also result in ban. No conversation!
  • D.7 - You may promote your stuff in #promotion and no where else. Duplicate posts result in a ban. Post your discord server or web site, so long as it's not for spam nor for alternate Escargot or NINA (discord) servers. No conversation! Violators will be banned.
  • D.8 - Keep your ranting and raving in #vent. Post one-way rants, don't be a jerk/racist/weirdo/moron/pervert/"nice guy", no discussion about your stupid rant or problems, here or anywhere else. Vent means vent, not discuss.
  • D.9 - Blocking or ignoring an owner, administrator, or moderator can lead to a ban, especially if it's in discussion of rule violation.
  • D.10 - This server is primarily an English server so if you can please stick to that language, except in channels designed for other languages (e.g., #general-español and #general-português )
  • D.11 - Don't interrupt people that are already giving support. You don't need to repeat what has already been said, leave it to one person.

Additional rules for the forum:

  • F.1 - No threads just for memes, unless it is a NINA-specific meme, then that will be judged on a case by case basis.
  • F.2 - No replies that are simply memes.
  • F.3 - Resurrecting old topics is fine, so long as you have something to contribute other than "lol me too", if we wanted to keep people from posting to old threads, we'd lock them.
  • F.4 - Bumping threads is fine, so long as you post something new to it other than "bump", if it's not worth reading, it's not worth posting.

Additional rules can be added without notice, and ad hoc rules can be enforced on certain users in exceptional cases.