Announcements regarding the NINA service and this forum

Registrations currently disabled

Hello people. RebMillenn here today to take tonyshowoff's position of forum announcements.

Until further notice, all new registrations are currently disabled. This is because of a registration API issue that Tony has to fix, which if not taken care of, could end up messing up the account system. All users who have already registered will still be able to post (I believe) and browse the forum normally, but anyone wanting to register a new account to post or do anything else that... - Trial link ends

Rabid-Duck's trial link has officially ended and they have been accepted on to the network. The operators are Danno and Roc. Congratulations! - Trial link begins

The trial link for a new server - - has began, the server owner is Danno. The server itself is located in Illinois, USA.

Slacknet switches to InspIRCd

Slacknet IRC network has officially switched to InspIRCd and is abandoning Unreal IRCd Forever. There are several reasons, primarily because Unreal is not a very good IRCd and InspIRCd gives us the ability to customize it to oblivion. We've gained a lot of features that we have been wanting and removed some serious baggage by switching.

Soon there will be a tutorial detailing all of the functions, modes, commands, etc for the network. - Trial link over

The trial link for has officially ended and the link is now officially a part of Slacknet. That is all!

New server -

We have a new server hosted in the Netherlands that has been approved for trial link status. The server administrator is webvictim.