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Dec 2 '09

When I was setting up BOPM on our network that there really wasn't any regex out there for both remote and local connection notices. So I made one:

connregex = "\\*\\*\\* (REMOTECONNECT\\: Client connecting at [A-Za-z0-9_\.-]+|CONNECT\\: Client connecting on port [0-9]+): ([^ ]+)!([^@]+)@([^\\)]+) \\[([0-9\\.]+)\\] \\[.*\\]";

I hope someone else finds this useful and it saves them time, because there's literally no documentation or help available for BOPM. There is a bit of documentation regarding it on the InspIRCd wiki, but it only discusses local connections and does not include an example for remote connections as well.

Keep in mind you need "+s +cC" set for your bot, both in usermode in the InspIRCd configuration and also the bot's own configuration.
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Feb 20 '15

Im having trouble with this I keep getting these errors [Feb 20 07:54:38 2015] OPM -> Bad address (unknown) [*]. [Feb 20 07:55:43 2015] OPM -> Bad address (unknown) [* [78.247.*]]. [Feb 20 07:55:50 2015] OPM -> Bad address (unknown) [*]. But if it finds a hit, I get this OPEN PROXY -> REMOTECONNECT: Client connecting at server!nick@~identd 103.4.*:80 (HTTPPOST) [default] This is the servers response: *** REMOTECONNECT: Client connecting at server: nick!~identd@host [ip] [real nick] *** CONNECT: Client connecting on port 6667: nick!~identd@host [ip] [real nick]
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