Connecting to AOL

A guide for connecting to NINA's custom AOL service.

NINA's AOL service is in alpha, to get access, you must be an alpha supporter or in the Subscriber (or higher) tier on Patreon/Boosty. Click here to know more.

Classic AOL

Note: This is by no means a detailed guide, as the service is currently in alpha and we've been focusing on that rather than the website. However, this page will be updated very soon with more detailed information about the service, as well as screenshots and so forth to help you connect. Additionally it will contain detailed information about the service. For now learn more about our alpha launch in this public article on our Patreon page

You can also get more information by contacting us or by even, somewhat ironically, chatting with us on our Discord server.

We are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by AOL/Yahoo!/Apollo Group. This is a custom server that is compatible with the original AOL client requiring no software modification to use.


Easy mode: Download AOL 4.0 from a third party host, like,, etc, do an expert setup, use TCP IP, edit the location, manual proxy configuration, set host to: Port 5200.

Expert mode: Alternatively, if you are experienced in custom configuration of AOL, you may edit the tcp.csl to point at the host mentioned above.