Connecting to AIM

On this page are several guides for connecting to the NINA AIM service.

AIM is currently in beta and to join in the fun a donation of $5 or more is required. First register your screenname and then donate $5 or more (donations also come with other rewards). We require donations to keep this place going, as we don't have ads nor sale your information.

AOL Instant Messenger

AIM 1.0-5.9

On the login window, click on "Setup". Change the hostname to the following value: Port should be the default (5190).


If using a TOC client, you can set the host to and port to 9898


If using a WebAPI or WIM client, you can use

AIM on the Web

AIM was available on web browsers in a variety of ways.

Patching binaries

If you have a binary you wish to patch by yourself (this is not required for standard AIM clients), you can replace the host with Therefore you can modify the host to be